HiKoki Nail Guns

Securall Fastenings has a range of nails for the Hikoki nailers and nail guns. Our 90mm, 75mm, 65mm, 50mm nails for the HiKoki NR1890DBCL/JP 18V Cordless 1st Fix Framing Nailer are available for next day delivery. The Hikoko 90mm cordless electric nailer will fire 50mm to 90mm paper tape 34 degree nails. It is best

Paslode IM360Ci.The Best Cordless Nailer Just Got Better.

Paslode im360Ci new model has just arrived in.We are very excited here at Securall Fasteners. Our partners in Paslode have just made the premium Paslode IM360 even better. The new and improved version comes with more precise nailing probe, better weight distribution and lower service intervals. This new improvement cements the Paslode 360Ci as the

Everbuild Stixall Silicone and Adhesive Dublin

Everbuild Stixall is now available from Securall Fastenings Sandyford, Co. Dublin. Stixall extreme power silicone and adhesive combined can be collected at our trade centre in Sandyford. We have a wide range of Stixall tubes in transparent clear, white, brown, grey, black and browne. Stixall will virtually bond to everything and will even stick even

Automatic Nailing and Stapling Bridge Lines Stations

Securall Fastenings Irelands largest nailing and stapling company also is well known for providing automated nailing and stapling bridge line stations for timberframe, furniture and pallet manufacturing lines. Our technical team with over 100 year experience between them can offer bespoke nailing and stapling machines for automated and robot lines. We also have a full

90mm Strip Nailers

Securall Fastenings stocks a large range of 90mm strip magazine nailers for industrial and construction use. Paslode 90mm strip nailers,Bostitch 90mm strip nailers, Senco 90mm strip nailers, Max 90mm strip nailers and many different types of magazine strip nailers are available for next day delivery across the 32 counties of Ireland. Buy Paslode strip nailers,

Omer Staple Guns Ireland and Northern Ireland

Securall Fastenings is delighted to announce that we are the appointed agents for Omer nail guns and Omer staple guns in Ireland and Northern Ireland.               Securall Fastenings will supply all staples for Omer staple guns and are ready to be dispatched by next day delivery in Ireland. As

Quick Drive Screws for Steel Timber Drywall Decking

Securall Fastenings now is the largest stockist of Quick Drive Screws in Ireland and the United Kingdom. Simpson Quick Drive screws are ready to be collected in Sandyford or for next day delivery in Ireland. Special order screws must be must be ordered in. Quik Drive screws are available in galvanised, zinc coated and stainless

Cordless Fencing Staple Gun for wire fencing by TJEP

Securall Fastenings are delighted to announce the introduction of the new cordless fencing staple gun manufactured by TJEP. This cordless fencing staple gun is ideal for stapling wire to fences. This will save you endless hours of time compared to hammering u staples onto fences. The TJEP FS-40 Gas Fencing stapler is powered by powerful

Spit P370 Nails for Concrete and Steel Fixings

          Securall Fastenings has now added the Spit P370 nails, for concrete and steel fixings to our ever advancing range of collated nails for industry. Also available are Red, Yellow, Black and Green Disc bullets. Spit Nails are in stocks and are ready to be collected or for next day delivery

Quik Drive Screw Guns for Collated Screws

Securall Fastenings is delighted to be appointed as the official distributor for Quik Drive Screw Guns and Quik drive screws in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Quik Drive Screw Guns allow professional tradesman to screw down applications in the fastest way possible using an Auto feed system. Quik Drive Screw Guns are the

Encore Hartco Clips Ireland

Securall Fastenings is delighted to be to be appointed as the exclusive sole distributor of Encore Hartco clipping products for Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.           If you are looking for Encore Hartco clips for an application why not call us direct on 01 2954680 or 00353 12954680. Securall will

Paslode Nails

Securall Fastenings stocks a full range of Paslode nails for all Paslode nailers and other brands. Securall stocks the following Paslode nails for the Paslode IM360CI and Paslode IM90 nailer. All Paslode nail fuel packs are Eurocode 5 for the latest construction regulations. Not all manufacturers have this. All Eurocode 5 nails are categorised as

Wire Weld Coil Nails for All Coil Nail Guns

Securall Fastenings has the largest range of wire weld coil nails for the construction, pallet, shed and fence industry. All Securall Fastenings wire weld coil nails are precision manufactured for use with the following nailers Paslode, Duofast, Montana, Max, Senco, Tacwise and Bea nail guns. All our wire weld coil nails are flat and cone

Paslode IM360 Framing Nailer Trade In Deal

Paslode IM360 Trade in Deal Trade in your old Paslode or any other brand of Nail Gun for the new Paslode IM360 only at Securall Fastenings. Securall Fastenings are principle authorised distributors of ITW Paslode for Ireland and Northern Ireland. Trade in your old Paslode IM350 or any other brand of framing nailer and get

Upholstery Staplers by Securall Fastenings

Securall Fastenings is delighted to announce a new range of upholstery staplers online. Securall Fastenings stocks only the finest industrial upholstery staplers for both the budget user and the professional upholstery industry. We stock spare parts for all industrial staplers so your project will never be delayed nor will you have to minimise your production

Paslode IM360CI Cordless Gas Framing Nailer

The Paslode IM360CI Cordless Gas Framing Nailer is now available from Securall Fastenings Dublin for next day delivery or collection today. The Paslode IM360CI replaces the old Paslode IM350 Gas framing nailer. The new IM360CI is probably one of the most technologically advanced cordless nailers on the market today. It offer both exceptional driving performance

Paslode Ireland by Securall Fastenings

We are delighted to announce that Securall Fastenings has being appointed as the main authorised distributor and dealer for ITW Paslode construction products in Dublin, Ireland. We will be stocking all Paslode nails and staples, in addition to there superior gas cordless nail guns, and pneumatic air nail guns. As with all the other brands

Tacwise Nailers and Staplers Ireland

Tacwise Ireland by Securall Fastenings We are proud to announce that we are the main Tacwise distributors for the Republic of Ireland. We stock all Tacwise nailing and stapling products.From compact hand tackers to industrial coil nailers, Tacwise offers high performance, durability and innovation at competitive prices. In addition, we will be providing our renowned

Headless Pinner 23 gauge and Headless pins

  A 23 gauge Headless Pinner is the perfect tool for a tradesman who is fixing beading and sash window work.The ultra slim nose allows accurate pin placement for secret nailing or pinning. The Tacwise A6435 headless pinner will fire 15mm,20mm,25mm,30mm and 35mm headless pins or mini pins. Headless pins are ideal for work where

Full Range of Stanley Bostitch Nail Guns and Staple Guns in Ireland

We are the main supplier for Stanley Bostitch nails, nail guns and Stanley Bostitch staples, staple guns in the Republic of Ireland. We have the largest stock of spare parts and accessories for Stanley Bostitch and Spenax tools in Ireland. We are the only company in Ireland to employ a dedicated Bostitch expert technician to repair

Happy Christmas and Thank you

The team here at Securall Fastenings would like to wish all our customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. So if you are looking for advice on nails, staples, wood screws or simply need a nail gun or staple gun repaired please do not hesitate to contact us on 01 2954680 or [email protected] We