Paslode IM360CI Cordless Gas Framing Nailer

paslode im360

The Paslode IM360CI Cordless Gas Framing Nailer is now available from Securall Fastenings Dublin for next day delivery or collection today.

The Paslode IM360CI replaces the old Paslode IM350 Gas framing nailer.

The new IM360CI is probably one of the most technologically advanced cordless nailers on the market today.

It offer both exceptional driving performance in cold conditions and a long life battery.

It is purely designed for the expert carpentry professional or timber frame on site erectors.

Includes quick charge new technology Lithium Ion batteries.

It can fire up to 13,000 nails on just one single charge.

A 2 minute charge can fire up to 200 nails.

On/Off battery lock secures battery life when tool is not in use.

The Paslode IM360CI is perfectly suited for damp Irish weather conditions.

It can operate in up to -15 degrees celsius with the its new fuel technology.

Easy to use dial a depth.Simply adjust the roller on front of tool with your hand.

One touch Led indicator warns you of low battery and fuel usage.

The Paslode IM360CI uses the latest new Paslode IM360CI nails and fuel.

It also fires the new Paslode nail screw. A nail that can be removed like a screw.

Securall Fastenings supplies genuine spare parts for the Paslode IM360CI.



Timber frame nailer
Roof decking nailer
Close boarding
Truss work
Stud work
Roof battening nailer
External cladding nailer
Joists nailer
Floor boarding nailer
Overboarding nailer

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