Paslode Ireland by Securall Fastenings

We are delighted to announce that Securall Fastenings has being appointed as the main authorised distributor and dealer for ITW Paslode construction products in Dublin, Ireland. We will be stocking all Paslode nails and staples, in addition to there superior gas cordless nail guns, and pneumatic air nail guns.

As with all the other brands that we carry, we will be offering the ‘Securall Fastenings Full Servicing Solution’ where we will carry out full repairs on all Paslode products.

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Paslode offer some very unique fasteners which include the new NailScrew®.

Paslode nail screw Dublin

This new nailscrew offers customers the ability to speed nail the fastener, while giving the customer the option to remove the nailscrew at a later date. This means a nailscrew can be driven into a piece of timber by an IM360Ci nail gun and removed by a TX15 screw bit later on. The nailscrew will fire into timber 6 times faster than standard wood screws or decking wood screws.

The new nailscrews are CE Eurocode 5 Service class,1,2,3 for safe use and for adhering to building regulations.The nailscrews are available in galvanised and stainless finishes so they are ideal for applications such as timber decking, hoarding, wood cladding and where access maybe required at a later date.The nailscrew is available in 50mm,65mm and 75mm.

From our Dublin premises we will be supplying the full Paslode range of products which include the following:

  • IM360Ci framing nailer and IM350
  • Cordless framing nail gun
  • IM65 F16 finish nail gun
  • Paslode IM65 F16  angled Finish nail gun
  • Paslode IM50 F18 brad nail gun
  • Paslode im360 nails available from Securall Fastenings Dublin,Ireland
  • Nailscrew
  • Paslode Roundrive nails
  • Repairs on all tools in Dublin
  • 16 gauge and 18 gauge brad nails Dublin
  • Paslode gas packs for im360 nail gun
  • Eurocode 5 Paslode nails for first fix construction
  • Paslode IM200 gas cordless stapler
  • Li-on batteries for cordless IM350 and IM360 tools.


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