23 Gauge Headless Pins Brite

23 Gauge headless pins brite are ready to be dispatched by next day delivery.

23 Gauge headless pins
Ideal for secret nailing
Fits all 23g or 23 gauge pin nail guns
10000 in a box

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Product Description

23 Gauge headless pins are ready to be dispatched by next day delivery.

Headless pins are ideal for secret nailing or where you do not want the nail exposed.

23 gauge headless pins are useful for fixing beading or sash window work.

23ga headless pins are so fine that they will shoot through a match stick.

23 ga headless pins are available in 12mm,15mm,18mm,20mm,25mm,30mm,35mm,40mm,50mm.

23g headless pins will work in all branded 23g headless pinners including the Bostitch TU-216, Casex V1 and
the Tacwise

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