Bostitch SB10302015Z 15mm Plier Staples


Bostitch SB10302015Z 15mm Plier Staples are ready for next day delivery or collect Sandyford, Co.Dublin.

Bostitch SB10302015Z 15mm Plier Staples
To suit Bostitch P51 Staple Pliers, BEA AT 50
Leg Lenght:15mm
2900 per box

In stock

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Product Description

Bostitch SB10302015Z 15mm Plier Staples are ready for next day delivery or collect Sandyford, Co.Dublin.

These staples are ideal for packaging applications such as clinching cardboard, closing cardboard boxes, carton lids, box stapling and using with storage tubes.

Bostitch SB10302015Z 15mm Plier Staples are galvanised for light protection against rust. Stainless steel staples are also available for the ultimate in rust protection.

These staples contain strong steel wire so they can punch through the material effortless and seamlessly without breaking.

These is 2900 staples per box.

These staples are suitable for pneumatic air staplers only that are used in high volume production lines.

Securall Fastenings has a range of professional pneumatic air staplers to suit these staples.

Bostitch SB10302015Z Plier Staples are compatible with the Bostitch P51-10B, P51-10C stapling plier, Everwin P51-10B stapling plier, BeA AT P50 10B stapling pliers.

Bostitch SB10302015Z staples are the same as BEA 1000337 12mm staples.

In rare circumstances if this product is not in stock we will supply you with the very same identical staple from an alternative brand.

Technical Data:

carton staples, plier staples, cardboard to cardboard, attaching plastic pouches to labels, clinching caps on storage tubes, corrugated packaging staples,
BeA S10033336 SB103020 3/8 12MM staples, sealing cartons, professional clinching staples, production staples, Kihlberg plier staples

Bostitch plier staples are ready for nationwide delivery to the following counties:
antrim,armagh,carlow,cavan,clare,cork,derry,donegal,down,dublin,fermanagh,galway,kerry,kildare,kilkenny,laois, leitrim,limerick,longford,louth,mayo,meath,monaghan,offaly,roscommon,sligo,tipperary,tyrone,waterford, westmeath,wexford,wicklow,drogheda,Belfast, United kingdom, London.

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