Bostitch TU2162330KE 23g Headless Pinner

Bostitch TU2162330KE 23g Headless Pinner is ready to be dispatched by nationwide next day delivery.

-In stock today
-Designed to drive 23 gauge headless pins
-Ideal for fixing beading,mouldings and Joinery work
-Fires 15mm – 30mm headless pins

Product Description

The Bostitch TU2162330KE 23G Headless Pinner  is a lightwight small gauge pinner for industrial use and is perfect for fine mouldings.

The Bostitch TU2162330KE 23G Headless Pinner  is the best product in its category.

This 23 gauge pinner fires 23g headless pins in all branded nails.

This bostitch 23 headless pinner is air powered by an air compressor.

This Bostitch TU2162330KE 23g Headless Pinner is ideal for secret nailing where you do not want the head of the nails exposed in anyway.

This headless pinner tool is useful for tacking wood while the glue dries.

The Bostitch headless pin gun features an adjustable magazine for adjusting pin depth.

Built to last with magnesium body and high grade Bostitch driver pin.

Securall Fastenings stocks spare parts for the Bostitch TU2162330KE 23g Headless Pinner.

No Mar tip to avoid marks on timber.

It also has a rear exhaust to keep work clean and a secondary trigger.

Rubber comfort grip enables comfortable handing of tool after long hours of usage.

sash windows manufacturing, mouldings, carpentry, cabinet making,wine boxes, display work.