Tacwise 97 10mm Staples


Tacwise 97 10mm Staples are ready for next day delivery or collect in Sandyford, Co.Dublin

Tacwise 97 Series 10mm staples
5000 per box

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Product Description

Tacwise 97 10mm staples are ready for next day delivery or collect in Sandyford, Co.Dublin.

Tacwise 97 10mm staples are galvanised for light rust protection. Stainless steel staples are also available for the ultimate in rust protection.

Tacwise 97 staples have 5000 staples per box.

Tacwise 97 series staples can be used for attaching plywood to floors, picture frames, upholstery, furniture and many other applications.

These staples have a narrow crown and give a sleek finish to match making them the perfect fixings.

These staples are compatible with the following staple tools Tacwise 97 Series Stapler C9725V, Omer 40.97 stapler, Bea 97, Fasco F1A 97B-25, F1B 97B-25, Bostitch 21697B-E, Joseph Kihlberg 690

Tacwise 97 type staples are available in 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm,14mm, 16mm, 20mm and 25mm.

Securall Fastenings has a range of professional staplers to suit 97 type staples along with the Securall Full Service Solution.

Divergent point version of these staples are also available which give an extra firmer hold.

Technical Data:

picture frames, timber flooring, mattresses, bed manufacturing, upholstery, joinery, kitchens, construction, building wrap, foam board, furniture, timber trellises, hardwood flooring, animal cage, wood shingles, timber cladding, timber sheds, wooden sheds, drawers, case backs,laying plywood floors,hardwoods, woodworking, door and window frames, window manufacturers

Tacwise 97 series staples are ready for nationwide delivery to the following counties:
antrim,armagh,carlow,cavan,clare,cork,derry,donegal,down,dublin,fermanagh,galway,kerry,kildare,kilkenny,laois, leitrim,limerick,longford,louth,mayo,meath,monaghan,offaly,roscommon,sligo,tipperary,tyrone,waterford, westmeath,wexford,wicklow,drogheda,Belfast, United kingdom, London.

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