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Collated Coil Nails

We stock a huge range of coil nails from 2.1 x 25mm to 3.8 x 130, and all sizes in between.

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We are the largest coil nail supplier in Ireland.Due to the technical nature, and complexity of coil nails, we always advise that you contact us regarding your request.

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Our coil nails come in various shanks, such as ring shank and plane shank,depending on the application.Our nails are engineered to fit every coil nailer available, and in addition, we carry Jumbo sized coil nails to fit automated pallet & panel machines, and automated Timber frame machines.

We have been the leading supplier of coil nails to the pallet, case & crate industry in Ireland, both north & south, for over 40 years. In addition to being able to supply high quality nails, we also offer unrivaled back up and service to our industrial accounts.All our collated coil nails undergo rigorous collation checks before being released to market.

For the fencing, shed & garden product industry, we supply a market leading Hot Dipped Galvanised nail, with a very high micron content.This nail offers far superior corrosion resistance than any other galvanised nail currently available. Whether in dipped, stained or pressure treated timber, this nail will not oxidize and stain. That is why our Hot Dipped Galvanised nails are the nail of choice for all of Ireland’s leading garden product manufacturers.

We carry stainless steel coil nails for specialist applications such as, cladding, cedar wood and fencing applications.

For the construction industry & Timber Frame home manufacturing, we carry all sizes of CE approved galvanised coil nails required under the recent Eurocode 5 directive for OSB & framing, as well as standard nails for flooring, roofing, and studding, and specialist roofing coil nails.

We supply leading coil nailers and nail guns from Bostitch coil nailers to Max coil nailers and many other brands. Please see the Coil Nailer nail guns section.
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We supply flat coil nails and conical cone shaped coil nails for the different type of nail gun magazines.We also suppply 0 degree and 2 degree nails.

We supply collated coil nails in Wicklow,Dublin,Cork,Galway,Belfast,Waterford and Belfast Northern Ireland.

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Some of the collated nails we supply include:
2.1 x 25mm galvanised coil nails
2.1 x 30mm galvanised coil nails
2.1 x 38mm galvanised coil nails
2.1 x 40mm galvanised coil nails
2.1 x 45mm galvanised coil nails
2.1 x 50mm galvanised coil nails
2.1 x 64mm galvanised coil nails
Paslode plastic collated coil nails
90mm coil nails
75mm coil nails
64mm coil nails
stainless steel coil nails
hot dip galvanised coil nails
Ring galv coil nails
Roofing coil nails
Bostitch ring galv coil

We also supply Bostitch Coil nails,Paslode coil nails, Senco coil nails, Max Coil nails,BEA Coil nails all other types of coil and collated nails.

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