A high performance, quick curing, acetoxy curing silicone for general sealing, sanitary and glazing applications. Provides a permanently water tight flexible seal and offer excellent adhesion properties on most common non-porous building materials.

Colour: WHITE

Ideal for:

  • General sealing and glazing applications
  • Sealing around windows and doors for insulation and gap filling
  • Sealing in DIY applications
  • Connection and expansion joints on glass, porcelain, steel etc
  • Sealing electric, telephone etc. sockets and switches
  • Sealing around baths, showers and other sanitary ware
  • Sealing around pipes and sanitary fixtures
  • Sealing duct work


Cromar AlphaChem Multi Purpose & Sanitary Silicone 295ml, the ultimate solution for various sealing, glazing, and sanitary applications. This high-performance silicone boasts rapid curing and acetoxy curing properties, ensuring quick and efficient results. It creates a permanent, flexible, and watertight seal, exhibiting exceptional adhesion on most common non-porous building materials.

Designed to withstand the test of time, this silicone is resistant to aging, cracking, discoloration, and a wide range of chemicals, cleaning agents, and detergents. It is your go-to choice for a multitude of tasks, including general sealing, glazing applications, and DIY projects.

Seal windows and doors for optimal insulation and gap filling, and use it for connecting and expanding joints on glass, porcelain, steel, and more. Additionally, it serves as the ideal sealant for electric, telephone sockets, and switches. Furthermore, it is perfect for sealing around baths, showers, pipes, and other sanitary fixtures, ensuring a secure and leak-free environment. Whether it’s for professional use or DIY enthusiasts, Cromar Alpha Chem Multi-Purpose & Sanitary Silicone delivers unparalleled performance and reliability.