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Headless Pinner 23 gauge and Headless pins

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23 gauge headless pinner dublin


A 23 gauge Headless Pinner is the perfect tool for a tradesman who is fixing beading and sash window work.The ultra slim nose allows accurate pin placement for secret nailing or pinning. The Tacwise A6435 headless pinner will fire 15mm,20mm,25mm,30mm and 35mm headless pins or mini pins. Headless pins are ideal for work where the nail or pin needs to be disguised.The headless pins are substantially smaller in diameter compared to an 18 gauge pin. A headless pin is so fine in diameter that it will shoot through a match stick. The Tacwise headless pinner boasts a major advantage compared to other headless pinners, in that it will fire all sizes of headless pins, without the need for an adjustment.

Applications:Sash windows, Kitchen Manufacturing, display wooden box crating, craft work.

See Recommended Tools here: Tacwise 23g Headless Pinner and the Bostitch Headless Pinner.

We stock all headless pins in bright, galvanised and stainless steel finishes. Stainless steel headless pins are recommended for corrosive oily timbers. All our headless pins and Mini pins that we supply will work in all branded pin guns.We deliver 23 headless pinner to Dublin, Cork, Galway, Meath, Wicklow,Wexford, Waterford, Kildare, Armagh, Limerick and Northern Ireland. If you are thinking of purchasing a 23 gauge pinner why not contact us on 01 2954680.

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