Automatic Nailing and Stapling Bridge Lines Stations

Securall Fastenings Irelands largest nailing and stapling company also is well known for providing
automated nailing and stapling bridge line stations for timberframe, furniture and pallet manufacturing lines.

Our technical team with over 100 year experience between them can offer bespoke nailing and stapling machines
for automated and robot lines. We also have a full time rapid repair response unit for repairs to automated lines.


Our jumbo nail guns,staple guns, cassette staplers are designed to fit some of the leading timber frame stations and nailing bridges such as Randek, Weinmaan, Encore Hartco and many other leading brands.

We can offer the best branded automation pneumatic gun that will operate most efficiently on each line so your production can run smoothly along with Securall Fastenings premium quality nails and staples.


So whether you are looking to install a 4 way pallet machine, one operator timber framing station, a bed manufacturing clip station we have a range of individual requirements to suit the customer.

So if you are looking to increase your production capacity in an efficient and cost effective way by
adding a automatic nailing or stapling station why not call us on 00 353 1 2954680 and speak to our technical team today.

Automatic and robotic nailing and staple guns machines in Ireland. Our nailing and stapling lines are compatible with most brands including Paslode ITW toolmatic, Senco, Prebena, Everwin, Bostitch, BEA, Fasco,Omer.

Automatic Nailing and Stapling Bridge Lines Stations Ireland and Northern Ireland.

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