Collated Screw Gun for flooring

Professional tradesmen know that getting the job done quickly without compromising on quality is the goal. That’s where the Quik Drive Screw Gun comes into play, revolutionizing the construction site and making life easier.

Let’s delve into why the Quik Drive Screw Gun is the must-have tool for every tradesman and explore real-life examples of its game-changing impact.

Securall Fastenings is delighted to be appointed as the official distributor for Quik Drive Screw Guns and Quik drive screws in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The Need for Speed

When it comes to fastening applications, every second counts. The Quik Drive Screw Gun is the ace up your sleeve, allowing you to work at lightning speed. Its secret weapon? An auto-feed system that ensures you never run out of screws mid-task. No more fumbling with loose screws or searching for the next one in your toolbox. This tool empowers you to maintain a rapid, uninterrupted workflow.

quik drive screw gunsQuik Drive Screw guns

Built to last

In the construction world, tools take a beating. That’s why the Quik Drive Screw Gun is engineered for durability. With a lifetime warranty, it’s a testament to the trust the manufacturer places in its build quality. You can depend on this tool for years to come, making it a solid investment in your trade.

Versatile Screwing Options

One of the standout features of Quik Drive Screw Guns is their compatibility with most branded screwdrivers, such as DeWalt and Makita. This versatility means you don’t need to overhaul your entire toolkit to incorporate this game-changing tool. The Quik Drive Screw Gun also offers an extensive range of collated screws, ranging from 25mm to a substantial 75mm. Whatever your project demands, there’s a Quik Drive screw to match it perfectly.

Adaptable Applications

Gone are the days when you needed a separate tool for each task. Quik Drive Screw Guns come with interchangeable nose pieces, allowing them to tackle a wide array of applications. Whether you’re working on timber decking, steel decking, subflooring, drywall, or timber-to-steel floors, this tool has you covered. The adaptability of Quik Drive Screw Guns makes them indispensable on the modern construction site, saving you time and effort.

Speed and less Fatigue

Speedy Decking Installation: Imagine you’re tasked with installing a large wooden deck for a client. With traditional screwdrivers, this would be a labor-intensive, time-consuming job. However, with a Quik Drive Screw Gun, you can zip through the process in a fraction of the time. The auto-feed system ensures you don’t waste time reloading screws, and the interchangeable nose pieces make it easy to switch between different parts of the deck.

Ergonomic Subflooring: Construction work often involves long hours of standing and bending, leading to operator fatigue and sore backs. Quik Drive Screw Guns address this issue with their extension handle. Now, you can screw down flooring while standing up, significantly reducing the physical strain on your body. This not only improves efficiency but also aligns with modern health and safety practices, ensuring you can keep working comfortably for years to come.

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The Securall Way – Always Reliable

Here at Securall Fastenings and we have our own in-house maintenance team who will always ensure that any issues with any Paslode tools sold by us can be fixed with a very fast turnaround time.

We offer next-day delivery on most Paslode tools or you can also collect from our trade counter in Sandyford, Co Dublin, 5 minutes from the M50.

Find out more about the Quik Drive Screw Gun systems by visiting our Collated Quik Drive Screw Gun.


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