Spit P370 Nails for Concrete and Steel Fixings

On the construction site, where precision, power, and robustness reign supreme, the choice of tools can be the linchpin of success. Reliability, efficiency, and sheer force are non-negotiable, allow us to introduce the spit p370 nails.

Spit P360 Nails: The Powerhouse of fastenings

Securall Fastenings is proud to introduce the Spit P370 nails as the latest addition to its extensive range of collated nails designed for industry professionals. These nails aren’t just any run-of-the-mill fasteners; they’re engineered for heavy-duty applications, providing construction workers with the reliability and performance they need to get the job done efficiently.

The Spit P370 Advantage

One of the standout features of Spit P370 nails is their compatibility with the Spit P370 powder actuated tool (PAT tools). This combination of nails and the PAT tool creates a formidable force capable of driving nails into steel, concrete, and masonry with precision and power. When seconds count on the job site, Spit P370 nails deliver the speed and accuracy needed to keep projects on track.

spit p370 nails for p370 nail gun

spit p370 nails for p370 nail gun


The Spit p370 Nails in Action

1. Concrete foundation: Bustling construction site where the task at hand involves securing a steel beam to a reinforced, hard-pressed concrete foundation for the construction of a sturdy industrial facility. In this scenario, the Spit P370 nails, effortlessly drive through the toughened concrete and securely fastening the steel beam in place. This not only expedites the construction process but also ensures the structural integrity and longevity of the building, showcasing the remarkable prowess of Spit P370 nails in steel and hard-pressed concrete applications.

1. Timber Frame Construction: Imagine a crew of skilled builders working tirelessly to construct a timber frame structure. Each joint and connection needs to be secure and long-lasting. Spit nails have been instrumental in this process, ensuring that timber sole plates are securely fastened to the foundation, creating a solid base for the entire structure. This not only speeds up the construction process but also enhances the durability and stability of the building.

3.Dry Lining and Insulation Panels: In the construction of modern homes and commercial spaces, dry lining and insulation panels are crucial for energy efficiency and comfort. Spit nails have proven invaluable for attaching these panels securely to walls and ceilings. This efficient method of installation not only saves time but also ensures that panels are firmly in place, preventing any future issues related to insulation or wall stability.

spit p370 nails


Full- Service Solution

Securall Fastenings doesn’t just provide top-notch products; they also offer a comprehensive service package to support builders. When you invest in Spit P370 nails and the accompanying Spit P370 nailer, you’re not just getting tools; you’re gaining access to a full-service solution. This means that if you ever encounter issues or need assistance, Securall Fastenings has your back.

A Rainbow of Choice

These Spit nails come in various colors from Red, Yellow, Black and Green nails, each denoting a specific purpose or application. Whether you need nails for brick ties, form stops, insulation panels, access panels, or timber frame construction, there’s a Spit P370 nail with your name on it. The color-coded system simplifies the selection process, ensuring that you always have the right nail for the job.

Power, Precision and Performance

In the world of construction, Spit nails are the go-to choice for builders that demand power, precision, and performance. With the Spit P370 Nailer in hand and a supply of Spit nails, builders can confidently tackle any project, from securing timber frame structures to insulating homes.

spit p370 collated nails

The Securall Way – Always Reliable

Here at Securall Fastenings and PaslodeNailGuns.ie we have our own in-house maintenance team who will always ensure that any issues with any Paslode tools sold by us can be fixed with a very fast turnaround time.

We offer next-day delivery on most Paslode tools or you can also collect from our trade counter in Sandyford, Co Dublin, 5 minutes from the M50.

Find out more about the Spit P370 Nails range by visiting our Spit P370 PAT Nailer.


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