Paslode IM350 Framing Nailer

The NEW game-changing Paslode IM350 Framing Nailer is a standout champion. In the dynamic world of construction, where getting the job done right matters most, power and precision take the lead. The IM350 stands as a true force in the eyes of your everyday builder. Let’s venture onto the construction site and explain why the Paslode IM350 Plus Cordless Gas Nailer should be your choice of first fix Nailer, Fires 34 Degree paper tape 50mm-90mm all brands


The new IM350 tool heralds the seventh generation of Paslode’s gas-nailing technology, with a whole host of improvements made with the professional end user in mind, making the job of fixing wood to wood quicker and easier than ever before.

Paslode IM350+

Feel The Difference

With the new Paslode IM350 Framing Nailer you can really feel the difference right from the moment you pick the tool up. Improvements have been made across the tool to increase useability and comfort, which is vitally important when you are using your tool day in and day out.

Visualize a skilled carpenter framing a residential masterpiece. The success of every nail-driven hinges on precision and consistency. The Paslode IM350+ transcends expectations in such scenarios, enabling seamless attachment of framing components through its cordless operation. Freed from the entanglement of cords and hoses, carpenters can navigate the job site seamlessly, securing beams, joists, and trusses with unmatched efficiency. The cordless design not only shaves off valuable time but also eliminates the potential hazards and workspace clutter associated with conventional pneumatic Nailers.


The tool is the lightest on the market, with changes made to improve ergonomics and enhance the user experience. The rubberized grip handle makes the tool more comfortable to hold, and the tool itself is better balanced, which means you can work in comfort, and fatigue-free all day long.


Some impressive changes have also been made to the nail loading system – a redesigned nail lip and by-pass follower allow for smoother nail loading, making the operation quicker and hassle-free. The fan also runs a little longer after rapid nail firing on the Paslode IM350 Framing Nailer tool helping to cool the tool quicker, preventing overheating.


Productivity really is at the heart of this Newest IM350 tool. Aside from the features mentioned previously, the tool also benefits from an improved battery removal system which makes it far swifter to change. We’ve also made it far easier for you to put your tool down with our new slip-proof head cover, making day to day operation of the tool simpler and user-friendly.

Precision Redefined: Perfect for Delicate Details

While the Paslode IM350+ excels in heavy-duty framing, its true prowess shines when handling delicate trims and moldings. Interior aesthetics play an integral role in any construction endeavor, and this cordless gas Nailer excels at preserving the integrity of these finer elements. Whether it’s ornate crown molding, elegant baseboards, or intricate door casings, the IM350+ guarantees flawless and secure attachment, elevating the visual appeal of interior spaces to unprecedented heights.


Men who ply their trade in the industry, appreciate the Paslode IM350+ and its superior craftsmanship and forward-thinking engineering. With its cordless gas functionality, alongside its technical excellence and versatile nature, it firmly establishes itself as a pivotal tool in the construction sector.

From tackling tough framing jobs to precision-demanding tasks, this Nailer is your go-to for a wide range of construction work. Whether you’re building something new, giving a space a fresh look, or crafting intricate wood projects, the IM350+ takes on challenges with unbeatable strength and precision.

The impressive number of fixings it offers per battery charge, along with its consistent and reliable performance, guarantee that every project is completed with exactness, efficiency, and a keen focus on particulars. The Paslode IM350+ embodies effectiveness, inventive spirit, and top-tier quality, improving our experience and positively impacting construction jobs small and large.

The IM350 is compatible with the standard Paslode Lithium battery and benefits from Paslode’s renowned quality and durability – it will withstand wear and tear on-site, guaranteeing you a tool that is both strong and reliable.

Alongside the tool, we offer a full range of compatible premium brads. Paslode brads are manufactured under strict quality control systems to ensure the highest quality standards are always maintained. With a wide range of lengths and two finishes, you’ll find the perfect fixing for any finishing application.

Each finishing tool has its own unique, stand-out features, providing you with the perfect partner, whatever your finishing needs.

The Securall Way – Always Reliable

Here at Securall Fastenings and we have our own in-house maintenance team who will always ensure that any issues with any Paslode tools sold by us can be fixed with a very fast turnaround time.

We offer next-day delivery on most Paslode tools or you can also collect from our trade counter in Sandyford, Co Dublin, 5 minutes from the M50.

Find out more about the Paslode framing range by visiting our Framing Nailers page.


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