Tacwise Nailer

Tacwise, are a brand synonymous with reliability, durability, and efficiency. Today, we’re diving headfirst into the world of Tacwise nailers and staplers, built for those who demand nothing less than the best.

Tacwise 50mm Coil Nailer

The lightweight Powerhouse when it comes to nailing tasks in construction, the Tacwise 50mm Coil Nailer is the go-to choice for budget-conscious builders who refuse to compromise on quality. This industrial-grade tool fires 2.1g flat or cone-shaped coil nails, ranging from 27mm to 50mm, making it versatile for various applications.

One standout feature is its high-capacity nail drum, ensuring longer nailing sessions without constant reloading. At just 2 kilograms, it’s a featherweight, reducing user fatigue during extended work hours.

The rubber handle provides an ironclad grip even in slippery conditions. Plus, the dial-a-depth adjustment lets you fine-tune nail depth, ensuring precision in every shot.

Modular Cabin Construction: Picture yourself at a remote construction site, tasked with assembling a modular cabin. The Tacwise 50mm Coil Nailer becomes your trusted companion, allowing you to effortlessly navigate cramped spaces.

Its lightweight design simplifies the process, while the ample nail drum ensures you can keep nailing for extended periods without interruption. Regardless of the unpredictable outdoor conditions, the dependable rubber handle provides a firm grip, ensuring precise control over your construction tasks.

Tacwise 50mm Coil nailer

Tacwise Electric Stapler and Nailer

Dual Power at your Fingertips, the Tacwise Duo 50 stands tall. It’s an electric stapler and electric nailer rolled into one, eliminating the need for cumbersome hoses or compressors as it runs on corded AC power.

This multitasking tool fires Tacwise 91 series staples from 15mm to 30mm and 16 Gauge finish nails, covering a wide range of applications. The quick load magazine lets you switch between staples and nails with ease, and its anti-jam quick release feature ensures minimal downtime by swiftly handling jammed nails and staples.

DIY Project: Picture a DIY enthusiast tackling a project like installing skirting boards in their new home. The Tacwise Duo 50’s versatility shines as it effortlessly switches between staples and nails, while the anti-jam feature ensures frustration-free progress, allowing them to complete the task efficiently.

Tacwise 34 Degree Papertape Strip Nailer

The Carpenter’s choice: Carpenters and roofers, look no further than the Tacwise 34 Degree Papertape Strip Nailer for your heavy-duty needs. This air-powered tool is designed for maximum drive and reliability, ensuring that your first fix projects are executed flawlessly.

With a dial-a-depth feature and the option for single fire or rapid bump fire, this nailer caters to large-scale projects. It’s compatible with 34-degree paper collated strip nails ranging from 50mm to 90mm, accommodating various branded nails and applications, from timber framing to roofing.

Timber Frame Construction: Imagine a team of carpenters working on a timber frame construction project. The Tacwise 34 Degree Papertape Strip Nailer’s adjustable depth and rapid bump fire feature allow them to seamlessly switch between tasks like framing, paneling, and roofing, all while maintaining precision and speed.

Tacwise 22 Degree Plastic strip Nailer

When it’s time for heavy-duty, first-fix construction, the Tacwise 22 Degree Plastic Strip Nailer steps up to the plate. Like its 34-degree counterpart, it’s air-powered for maximum drive and reliability. This nailer excels in firing lightweight angled plastic strip nails ranging from 50mm to 90mm.

The angled magazine design grants access to tight spaces, while the use of full round head nails ensures maximum grip and strength in your projects. From timber framing to modular buildings, this Nailer handles it all with sheer performance and reliability.

Consider a crew erecting a modular building in a bustling urban area. The Tacwise 22 Degree Plastic Strip Nailer’s angled magazine allows them to work efficiently in tight spaces, ensuring the structure’s stability with full round head nails, while its reliability keeps the project on track and on schedule.

Tacwise tools are built for those who demand top-notch performance in every nail or staple. So, gear up, because Tacwise has got your back on the construction site.

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