Coil Nails for All Coil Nail Guns

The Power and Practicality of Coil Nails on the Construction Site. Coil nails are collated nails, conveniently held together in a coil or strip, These coil nails have revolutionized the way professionals work, particularly for the hardworking men on construction sites. Here we will delve into the practical uses and benefits of coil nails.

Coil Nails:

When it comes to coil nails, Securall Fastenings is your trusted partner. They stock a comprehensive range of coil nails designed to work seamlessly with popular nailer brands like Bostitch, Tacwise, Max, Paslode, Senco, BEA, and DeWalt.
Securall Fastenings provide coil nails with various points, such as blunt, divergent, sharp, trigger, diamond, and ballistic points. Plus, you can choose from different finishes like ring, smooth, and twist, depending on the pull-out strength and penetration required for your specific project.

Here are some practical examples of how Securall Fastenings Coil Nails can be used effectively on construction sites:

Framing: For constructing the skeleton of buildings, where speed, accuracy, and holding power are crucial, Securall Fastenings Coil Nails provide the strength and efficiency needed to secure heavy wooden beams quickly.

Decking: Building decks requires a high degree of precision and the ability to withstand outdoor conditions. The durability of Securall Fastenings Coil Nails ensures your deck will stand the test of time.

50mm coil nails flat

Stainless Steel Coil Nails:

When it comes to outdoor construction or working with corrosive timbers, stainless steel coil nails are the go-to option. Securall Fastenings offers stainless steel coil nails with a ringed shank for added grip and resilience. These nails are designed to endure harsh environmental conditions, making them perfect for cedar wood, irroko, green oak, and other materials prone to corrosion.

Securall Fastenings provides stainless steel coil nails compatible with a wide range of nail gun brands, including Everwin, Tacwise, BEA, Paslode, Prebena, Montana, and Max. Their stainless-steel range consists of 316 and 304 stainless steel, ensuring superior corrosion resistance.

Here are some practical examples of how Stainless-Steel Coil Nails can be used effectively on construction sites:

Timber Fencing: Fences often endure harsh weather conditions, making stainless steel coil nails the ideal choice to ensure long-lasting, secure fencing.

Roofing: Roofing projects require fasteners that can withstand constant exposure to the elements. Stainless steel coil nails provide the durability and corrosion resistance needed for roofing applications. The IM45 GN Coil Nailer is a stand out Roofing Nailer.

Plastic collated Coil Nails

Securall Fastenings also offers plastic collated coil nails, perfect for a variety of applications. These nails are meticulously manufactured for consistent quality, ensuring reliability on every project. They come in various configurations, including clockwise and anti-clockwise wind versions, to accommodate different nail guns.

These plastic collated coil nails are available in finishes like brite, ring galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized, and stainless steel. You can also choose between smooth, ring, and twist shank options based on your specific project requirements.

Here are some practical examples of how Plastic Collated Coil Nails can be used effectively on construction sites:

Pallets and Crating Building pallets and crates demands reliable fasteners that won’t compromise the structural integrity. Plastic collated coil nails offer the strength and consistency needed for these applications.

Timber Frame Construction where every nail counts. The craft demands meticulous precision to ensure every joint and connection aligns flawlessly. Plastic collated coil nails are a staple on construction sites. Coil nails ensure that each nail lands with pinpoint accuracy. Their collated design streamlines the process, saving crucial time by reducing the need for constant reloading.

These nails are built to last, resisting the elements and safeguarding the structural integrity of timber-framed masterpieces that endure for generations.

Whether you’re framing a building, decking a patio, or securing a fence, products from Securall Fastenings offer the quality and performance you need to get the job done right, and they’re ready for nationwide next-day delivery, ensuring you never have to compromise on your project’s timeline.

So, arm yourself with these robust coil nails, and watch your construction projects take shape with precision and strength.

The Securall way – Always Reliable

Here at Securall Fastenings and we have our own in-house maintenance team who will always ensure that any issues with any Paslode tools sold by us can be fixed with a very fast turnaround time.

We offer next-day delivery on most Paslode tools or you can also collect from our trade counter in Sandyford, Co Dublin, 5 minutes from the M50.

Find out more about the by visiting our Coil Nails.

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